Daniel Lambraia discovered his passion for music starting with the stand-up bass in the fourth grade. Moving on to the electric, he started taking lessons. Although the lessons only lasted for a few years, they made a lasting impact on his life. During the course of his school career, he taught himself to play the guitar and began singing in the chorus. His love for singing eventually translated into voice lessons, as well as participating in school musicals. After a short break from music due to college sports, Daniel Lambraia found himself singing again in an a capella group. Now working and done with school, he continues to play the bass for fun and only sings around his apartment.

For Daniel, music is his creative outlet. Listening to music serves as an opportunity to separate himself from everyday distractions. On top of being a great way to make most mundane experiences just a little bit better. 

With an endless supply, Daniel listens to music as much as possible. Whether it’s at work, commuting, working out, or just unwinding at home. Currently, some of his favorite new musicians include Smino, Noname, Vulfpeck, Hippo Campus, and FKJ.

Aside from being a way for him to de-stress and enjoy some time alone, music also serves as a great opportunity for Daniel to connect with others. Not only does music have the power to evoke empathy towards subjects that may normally be foreign, but it also fuels many social interactions.  

Daniel Lambraia loves going out to see live music with friends. A night out often begins by checking online for any scheduled performances at one of the many venues in Brooklyn or Manhattan. He considers the number of concerts to be one of the biggest perks of living in NYC.

For Daniel, music has served as an important part of his life and has influenced who he is as a person. He knows that music can have an emotional and important impact on others as well. Through this connection, he has bonded with many friends just from liking the same artist, lyrics, or performances.

Additionally, Daniel Lambraia loves to share new music with like-minded music lovers. It isn’t difficult for him to find some shared tastes with any given person. He listens to an eclectic range of genres, including Hip-Hop, Rock, Rap, Classical, Funk, Soul, R&B, Alternative, Indie, Musical Theater, and Folk. His interest in so many forms of music makes it easy for him to find a common ground with anybody that he meets.